Thinking Skeleton – Charcaol version

Posted on 4 Jan 2006 In: Gallery
Thinking Skeleton – Charcaol version submitted in ArtCone gallery by sectitweb
this is the drawing of my thinking skeleton…
603 Thinking Skeleton   Charcaol version

Animal Text Effect

Posted on 21 Jun 2005 In: Forums

spllogics asked this question on the artcone forums: [url=]Animal Text Effect[/url] will show you a quick way to apply animal skin to your text.

What happened

Posted on 6 Sep 2006 In: Forums

Curious asked this question on the artcone forums: What happened to the site?? I leave you guys alone for a few months…… lol

No but seriously, what happened?

like a leaf

Posted on 24 Apr 2007 In: Gallery
like a leaf submitted in ArtCone gallery by giangenta
ceramic oxid and glaze
2536 like a leaf

How do I sell antiques collection?

Posted on 20 Jul 2007 In: Forums

Farrah asked this question on the artcone forums: I inherited a large theatrical collection dating from 1850 which the V&A museum says is of inestimable value. I found museums in the UK & USA who are interested but I don’t know how to market the collection or how to converse with these types of people.Auction dealers get toffee-nosed & only want to auction the Will-Look-Good-In-Our-Auction-Brochure Oil Painting, ignoring the collection as a whole. I have already been advised not to separate the collection. There are some items there which are famous. All I have to work with in my search is the internet – but the antiques & collectibles sites only deal with Beanies or thimbles or comic books, and so on. I have not found a really serious site where really serious people look for the stuff of museum collections.
Before anyone gives the answer – the library is of no help whatsoever.
Has anyone got a clue?

Fish Programs???Or films???

Posted on 4 Jul 2007 In: Forums

BadIan asked this question on the artcone forums: do you know any fish films or programs like finding nemo or moby dick etc.

or an famous paintings!


give me a star and i’ll try and get you some points yeah!


add meh andbe my fan#



thanks y’all




Do colours affect how you feel?

Posted on 24 Sep 2007 In: Forums

LadyWoman asked this question on the artcone forums:


Posted on 6 Jun 2006 In: Forums

Goa asked this question on the artcone forums: To be honest I like it the way it is, but of course we should try to make our community better. That is why we are posting in this topic.
Just make it a simple to use site with a nice design, it will work for me.


Adobe Photoshop, Now Free for the Masses?

Posted on 3 Mar 2007 In: Forums

Lombi asked this question on the artcone forums: You’ve heard the magic “Web 2.0″ buzzword thrown around like it’s the second coming of pre-sliced bagels. But while scrollable maps, real-time stock quotes, and live article recommendations are nice and all, the whole Ajax/Flex platform hasn’t changed our online lives very much.

That may be about to change, in a very real way. Computer graphics and electronic document specialist Adobe Systems (Nasdaq: ADBE) is thinking about releasing a free, ad-supported, and fully 2.0-ified version of its industry-leading Photoshop suite. It would be an entry-level variant, designed for simple, everyday image editing tasks that are beyond the capabilities of other free tools available today, but don’t inspire the average user to shell out between $80 and $600 for the real thing. It’s not hard to imagine a healthy market for that sort of product.

Adobe already has a stripped-down video editing tool in the same vein in the works, waiting to roll out early this month. CEO Bruce Chizen says that the two applications face very different programming challenges, so the still-image tool might take a while to come to fruition. And when it does, Chizen expects Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) to be hard at work on a similar program of its own.

It’s interesting that he didn’t mention other logical rivals, such as Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT), Yahoo! (Nasdaq: YHOO), or Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL). All of those companies have some photo-sharing services today, and some of them are already dipping a toe into the image editing pool. But Chizen thinks that Google’s Web development talent makes it the competitor to watch here.

Be that as it may, Adobe has an intrinsic advantage here, in that it controls the development of former Macromedia flagship product Flash after acquiring that company a couple of years ago. Flash is the “FL” part of Flex, which has become a leading platform for complex online tools like video sharing, interactive charts, and other graphically intense tasks. Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! all use it for some or all of these things today.

It’s a case study in the symbiotic benefits of online competition, I think. Adobe has long been content to sell shrink-wrapped software meant for local installation, and it has done very well at that. Companies like Google have shown that advertising can generate profits, too, sometimes using the very tools Adobe developed (or acquired). So now the tide is flowing the other way, and the graphics master wants to show the kids how it’s done.

Go for it, guys. As a consumer, I love competition. As a shareholder, it can be a scary thing, but it’s a healthy process that weeds out the weaklings and leaves the real innovators stronger than they would otherwise have been. And I think both Google and Adobe are strong enough to remain standing when this round is over and Web 3.0 starts to shape up.

By Anders Bylund
March 2, 2007
Motley Fool

cleaning a oil painting?

Posted on 28 Jul 2007 In: Forums

NoName asked this question on the artcone forums: Questions to Artist`s/painters out there only!
i have a old oilpaint where i painted the fraim golden collor , and know i `ve gotten paint on the oilpainting how can i clean it whithout destreuing my oil painting?



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