Posted on 6 Jun 2006 In: Gallery
Biopowerplant submitted in ArtCone gallery by Sviri
Bio monsters  Biopowerplant/icon_smile.gif” style=”vertical-align:middle” emoid=”:)” border=”0″ alt=”icon_smile.gif” />
1477 Biopowerplant

Slovenia II

Posted on 30 Oct 2006 In: Gallery
Slovenia II submitted in ArtCone gallery by charisma83
Velika Planina, Slovenia

October 2006

 Slovenia II/icon_biggrin.gif” style=”vertical-align:middle” emoid=”:D” border=”0″ alt=”icon_biggrin.gif” />

2007 Slovenia II

Self- taught watercolorist…?

Posted on 5 Jul 2007 In: Forums

WhoLeOw asked this question on the artcone forums: Okay, I sorta taught myself how to watercolor about this time of July last year. I’ve been practicing this and that all year long, and now, I’ve sorta hit a road block. Now what? Get lessons? Buy a new, nicer set and an art book? What do you do at this point, keep going self-taught, get drawing lessons or something more useful? I don’t know what’s next.

Zamek Cesarski

Posted on 11 Jun 2007 In: Gallery
Zamek Cesarski submitted in ArtCone gallery by sowero
olympus sp 510 uz
photoshop cs (curves,levels,gradients,filters,dodge…)
2694 Zamek Cesarski

Lombi asked this question on the artcone forums: Police in Australia are warning art dealers about purchasing aboriginal works because of a series of robberies at several galleries in Melbourne.

Melbourne police are investigating a series of burglaries dating back to December 2005 at aboriginal galleries. In total, works worth more than $250,000 Australian ($227,300 Cdn) have been taken.

Police say the latest raid occurred at the Aboriginal Art Galleries of Australia on Feb. 1. Two men smashed a front window, stealing several works, including two paintings worth $40,000 each ($36,370 Cdn).

“It’s believed these same thieves attended this gallery a year earlier when $120,000 worth of Aboriginal paintings were stolen in February,” a police spokesman told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Police say they believe the same thieves broke into another gallery on Jan. 9. Also, on Jan. 19, 20 unframed works were taken from the High on Art Aboriginal Gallery.

“This gallery was also broken into in October 2006 and December 2005. … To date the total value of these thefts has reached $100,000,” said the police spokesman.

The Last Spirit Of The Forest

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The Last Spirit Of The Forest submitted in ArtCone gallery by LostDarknight
The last spirit of the forest,the forests are shrinking, cities are growing.There is no more place for mysteries and magic beings.All faded away,some spirits remained and they are looking in terror down on the world…
Made in Poser 7 and Photoshop cs2
2988 The Last Spirit Of The Forest


Posted on 5 Jun 2006 In: Gallery
sketch.jpg submitted in ArtCone gallery by amet
1467 sketch.jpg

Nude Ballet Sparks National Anger

Posted on 12 Jun 2005 In: Forums

Lombi asked this question on the artcone forums: The world’s first partly nude ballet production of Romeo and Juliet has sparked an avalanche of complaints from women’s and religious groups across Australia.

The Russian National Ballet will perform Romeo and Juliet – with nude scenes – for the first time in its World’s Greatest Ballets program set to debut in Australia next month. But the prospect of Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers flashing the flesh in “bedroom scenes for the new millennium” has triggered an outcry from moral conservatives, the ballet’s Australian promoter Graham Hutchison said.

“We’ve certainly been contacted by various church groups and whatever saying how dare we present something of this nature,” Mr Hutchison said.

“Certainly in recent years we’ve had productions like the Blue Room and I guess even going back to the days of Hair that had nudity and it’s been an accepted art form. “But surprisingly there’s been an incredible outcry from all forms over this.”

The production, under the direction of famed Bolshoi Ballet soloist Vladimir Moiseev, will be the first time a classical ballet has been presented in the nude. Advertisements warn the production contains nudity but no classification has been placed on the show.

Gold Coast city councillor Rob Molhoek, who is also the convenor of elders at Southport Church of Christ, said there was no difference between the show and a “nudie bar”. “My concern is the boundaries just keep getting pushed further and further and the lines keep getting more and more blurred,” he said.

Cr Molhoek said he had taken phone calls from constituents who worried about the production coming to the Gold Coast in October.

Mr Hutchison said he had been inundated with 150 emails, 50 faxes and a constant stream of phone calls alone from people claiming the production was “immoral and distasteful”.

But he said the nude scenes were limited to the bedroom only and accused some of the those complaining of being “weird”. “Certainly when it relates to parts like bedroom scenes in this day and age it would not be considered appropriate that young people have this incredible love affair and are always clothed,” Mr Hutchison said.

“(Moiseev’s) belief in doing this is it’s time it was brought into the new millennium.” Mr Hutchison declined to name any of the groups which had contacted his company, but said a prominent church in Sydney was intent on gathering support from other churchgoers to take its complaint to a “higher body”.

He said other people had compared the ballet to popular but controversial stage act Puppetry of the Penis while ballet venues had rung with concerns after fielding calls from worried patrons.

“It’s nudity – it’s not people fornicating on stage,” Mr Hutchison said. “I must say I think maybe some people must have a lot of time with nothing to do.”

The Russian National Ballet Theatre’s production of Romeo and Juliet will begin in Launceston on July 31.

HoustonKnockout asked this question on the artcone forums:

What font is this…?

Posted on 8 Jul 2007 In: Forums

Rob asked this question on the artcone forums: Can anyone identify this font…

It would be very much appreciated icon biggrin What font is this...?
This site doesn’t edit their fonts, so this should be exact.



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