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Jeremy asked this question on the artcone forums: Lombi, are you able to let us download one of you images in its PSD format so we can see whats is involved in mkaing the stuff you make?

BTW, I love your new peice with the girl in the storm icon biggrin Understanding


Digital art?

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Lenny asked this question on the artcone forums: Can anyone tell me how digital art is done? I’m a traditional painter and would love to learn more about it.

Lenny asked this question on the artcone forums: well i want to draw something about poison but i need a name. I was going to do pink poison but its taken so i need something with poison ( a catchy name with the dark side ) and can you provide a pic please ! thanks !
something with p maybe ? or close ?


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:: GERBERA :: submitted in ArtCone gallery by color-it
A flower shot, a little bit abstracted
848 :: GERBERA ::

Sopor II: Ixodes Cerebri

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Sopor II: Ixodes Cerebri submitted in ArtCone gallery by JgMantilla
The young Sopor adult, in its mating season, may frequently become infected with this sort of bothersome creature, which curiously comes from it own head and renders it devoid of its last few thought and desires… This condition, in most of cases is leth
1262 Sopor II: Ixodes Cerebri

Broken Wings

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Broken Wings submitted in ArtCone gallery by StarvingBambina
Cursed soul bred by the fallen angel of doom will return
Beyond the blackened burning skies
7th trumpeteer awakened by eternal eclipse and low tide
Voices from the grave on shore were heard
Sacrificial rites damnation impurity
whispered by the wind o
2463 Broken Wings

Steve asked this question on the artcone forums: A client gave me a logo in jpg, bitmap and tif formats. It has a white background. He wants me to be able to drop it into an ai flyer that has a multicolored background and does not want it to be on a white backdrop – just wants the logo without that pesty white behind it. I have been messing with this for HOURS and cannot seem to make this happen. No, I do not have the original psd or ai files.
This is what I have been able to do:
-Select and carry alllllll the elements of the logo into new psd docs with Transparent backgrounds.
-Take those elements, now onTransparent backgrounds, and put them together into one new psd doc.

This is where it gets messy……while I would have thought that would have done the trick, when I SAVE the new logo with the Transparent background – and regardless of what format I save it into….jpg, tif, etc. – I STILL end up with a logo with a WHITE background.
This is maddening. I bet it is quite elementary for people who know the programs well. Hope so!

We kick you in the ass for free.

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Lombi asked this question on the artcone forums: I got a really interesting mail today from a band i never heard of. The mail was sent to some really good artists and web designers and it really dropped my jaw.


i am xxxxxx, singer in the band “xxxxxxx”. i am writing you, because i have seen your websites and i totally loved your style. the band is currently looking for a logo. unfortunately we’re just starting. to give you some inside look. the music is a lot like a mixture of a static lullaby, from autumn to ashes, taking back sunday, thursday and refused.

so, to get to the point. we need a logo and we want to have a good one, that really shows the essence of our music. which is something like a light/dark thing. it has the sweet and the sour of life.

we would of course link you on our website.

everybody who would like to give us their own suggestion of a logo, can send the mail to: xxxxx@xxxxxx.net

the name is: xxxxxxx

let the battle begin,

Here are some replies to this discussion:

[b]Mine:[/b] Tell you what … why don’t you make a song just for us and send each one of us some free cds of your band.
we would of course link you on our webiste.

Let the song making and cd sending begin,

[url=http://www.lombergar.com/go/?o=damnengine]Damnengine[/url]: I wonder what’s up with all the people mailing me asking for free stuff or wanting to use my work but don’t have money. Often they’re people from bands, who are not willing to pay for artwork, so I guess we can use their music for free too. They act like I didn’t put effort in my works or anything and I think that especially musicians should understand the value of creativity. But to all the cheapass people out there: it takes effort, time, skill etc., so it costs money and I don’t think you would like to work hours without payment? If you do, then your boss is probably very happy with you. As long as I have to pay for my groceries, bills and equipment people will have to pay me for my efforts.
And to all those people who create stuff for (nearly) nothing: you’re ruining the market for us and also your own chance to ever earn money with your creativity because you’ll soon be known as the cheaper guy.

[url=http://mistabobby.deviantart.com/]Mistabobby[/url]: I feel what you mean exactly. I’ve had the same thing happen to me. Many bands have emailed me asking to either a) use my artwork for their album or B) have me make new artwork for their album. I tell them sure, I’m willing to work with you, but my services aren’t free and there will be a very minimal charge. Then they usually say if I’m going to charge them money that they’ll just find someone else to do it for them. That’s fine by me, you get what you pay for. Pay a decent amount of money to a skilled artist, you’ll get some nice art. Pay nothing to a shitty artist, and you’ll get shitty artwork.

[url=http://www.lombergar.com/go/?o=noir]Noir[/url]: people balk when i tell them what i charge – i get bands everyday wanting to use my art and when i give them the cost involved they give me the whole “but your name will get out there and you will gain popularity” speech. yeah – hello – my name is out there – you found me… i am pretty selective about who i work wiht and have turned down record companies due to the fact i don’t like the way their contracts read. most want you to sign away your rights to the work – another thing i think is bullshit.
i wouldnt worry so much about the folks selling their art cheap. they are a discount store in the art world. they devalue their own art and in the end get what they deserve.

Your two cents on people expecting us to make free designs for them?

Suicide’s worst enemy

Posted on 28 Feb 2006 In: Gallery
Suicide’s worst enemy submitted in ArtCone gallery by Jeff
A light flickers in the distance
. and you can’t say no
To the voice that whispers
. [quot]it’s time to go[quot]

Ready to release all this pain
. you can’t say hi
When everytime you breathe
. you say goodbye

So is this what it

887 Suicide’s worst enemy

Happy New Year

Posted on 1 Jan 2006 In: Forums

Steve asked this question on the artcone forums: Happy New Year people! ^_^



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