What soap do you use on art brushes?

Posted on 15 Sep 2007 In: Forums

Victory asked this question on the artcone forums: My mother is taking painting classes and the teacher told her to use either Dove or Ivory soap on the brushes to make them last longer and keep them soft. She can’t remember if the woman said Dove or Ivory soap.

Nasa Tests Talking Space Computer

Posted on 30 Jun 2005 In: Forums

Stasha asked this question on the artcone forums: June 29, 2005— A new voice-operated computer recently demonstrated by scientists at NASA’s Ames Research Center is able to articulate complex procedures and recognize commands from astronauts.

Named “Clarissa,” the hands-free system could be crucial in the microgravity of space, where crew members need both hands to not only conduct as many as 12,000 tests and procedures but to simply keep laboratory items from floating away.

“Everything is more complicated when you’re in microgravity,” said Beth Ann Hockey, the team’s project leader.
Testing water is a good example. Astronauts onboard the International Space Station must regularly test their drinking water, which is recycled or collected from condensation that collects on the side of the station.

The analysis involves handling bags, syringes, and filters while also scrolling through a computerized procedural manual and inputting data.

But with Clarissa, the astronaut’s hands never have to touch the computer.

Instead, the astronaut prompts Clarissa, which is always on, with commands, such as “Load water test procedure.”

Voice recognition software that uses a machine learning algorithm developed at Xerox distinguishes the command from side conversations and initiates the procedure.

Once the procedure is loaded, Clarissa prompts the astronaut through each of many steps. The astronaut can interrupt the system to skip to the next step by saying, “Next,” or correct the system, by saying, “No, go to step 52,” for example.

As Clarissa reads off the procedural steps, it uses language that is more natural than if the manual were being read verbatim. In certain instances, Clarissa only reads information crucial to the procedure.

“The striking thing about the Clarissa system is that…they have to take many of these NASA procedures, which are many and very complicated and plug it into a new modality and make it work,” said Mark Liberman, a professor in the departments of linguistics and computer and information science at the University of Pennsylvania.

It would be a giant step forward if converting the text to the voice mode could be done automatically, said Liberman, but according to team member Manny Rayner, the current texts had to be rewritten by hand.

“If Clarissa becomes a large-scale project, rather than just an experiment, the people who write the procedures will have to get used to writing multimedia documents, which include both text and voice information,” said Rayner.

In the long run, though, the crew members could benefit, as long as Clarissa behaves with precision. Current tests show that the system’s performance is about 95 percent accurate in both knowing that it is being addressed by a crew member and understanding the command.

The training program for Clarissa was recently tested on board the International Space Station with favorable results, according to Hockey.

And she is discussing with NASA the possibility of implementing Clarissa with a visual procedure system already scheduled to come on line.

Dex asked this question on the artcone forums: and down the left side is written “GUNILLA.” I’ve looked EVERYWHERE and can’t seem to find anything about it. Can someone PLEASE help? Thanx SOOOOO much.

Lying mouth

Posted on 24 Mar 2006 In: Gallery
Lying mouth submitted in ArtCone gallery by M-tic
I got the inspiration from one member here who hasn posted athing for quite some while now (Macdon401) i think his user nam is!

So here it is  Lying mouth/icon_biggrin.gif” style=”vertical-align:middle” emoid=”:D” border=”0″

1043 Lying mouth

HahaYouNoob asked this question on the artcone forums: I need a print press that can print my custom designs. For an example invitations with cut outs or folder or brochures that fold certains ways.

is there a site for William McGraw Publishing?

Posted on 24 Jun 2007 In: Forums

BrownSugar asked this question on the artcone forums: I am trying to check and see if they produced any other prints of works by “Jennifer Markes” besides “Tropical Harvest” which I currently have.


Posted on 17 Mar 2006 In: Gallery
GoA submitted in ArtCone gallery by Goa
Black, desaturated, texured, hued, saturated and flatten…
987 GoA

Interesting Natural Pictures?

Posted on 8 Sep 2007 In: Forums

Chipps asked this question on the artcone forums: Anyone have a pic of a beautiful/interesting natural picture ??-trees,flowers,sky ect..

Konica Minolta And Sony Make D-slr Announcement

Posted on 19 Jul 2005 In: Forums

Lombi asked this question on the artcone forums: Konica Minolta and Sony have today announced an agreement to jointly develop digital SLR cameras. This agreement appears to mean that both Konica Minolta and Sony will develop D-SLR cameras with Konica Minolta lens mounts. It also covers technology sharing between the two, including Sony’s CMOS sensors and Info-Lithium batteries and Konica Minolta’s AF, metering and Anti-Shake system. The release doesn’t state whether each company will be able to use any of these techologies in products other than DSLRs. I suppose this means Sony aren’t going the Four Thirds route…

A Special Museum For Sausage-lovers…

Posted on 3 Jul 2005 In: Forums

Stasha asked this question on the artcone forums: Berlin – A museum devoted to curry-flavoured sausage, a popular snack known to Germans as currywurst, is set to open early next year in Berlin, the head of the museum said on Thursday.

It was in 1949, in the post-World War 2 ruins of western Berlin’s Charlottenburg district, that snack stand owner Herta Heuwer first sold her patented curry sausages.
The delicacy is typically served smothered in ketchup dusted with curry powder and sliced into bite-sized chunks that are eaten with a wooden or plastic fork.
“Currywurst is simply cool,” museum director Birgit Breloh said at a news conference adding she was confident the museum would attract 350 000 sausage-loving visitors every year.

The museum will also highlight the historic connections between currywurst and the German capital.



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