what are some great color combinations?

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TigerHen asked this question on the artcone forums: 2 or 3 colors that look awesome & go well together… ♥

How did they make this hologram?

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HahaYouNoob asked this question on the artcone forums: This is so cool. For Live Earth Japan they had this hologram girl for one of the performances. Hw did they do it?

Digital Photography Hampered By Old Laws

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Stasha asked this question on the artcone forums: It’s hard for labs to protect copyrights by ensuring customers have the right to reproduce an image.

By Brian Bergstein

If it weren’t for digital photography, Charlie Morgan wouldn’t have a bustling business that specializes in publicity shots for musicians. That’s because Morgan – perhaps being a bit modest – says he’s not a very good photographer. He relies on Photoshop editing software to make his work look sharp.
But digital sometimes presents a puzzling problem.
When Morgan’s mother and a client recently took CDs with some of his shots to a printing lab, the technicians spurned them. They said that since the shots seemed to have been taken by a professional, printing the pictures might be a copyright violation.The situation is not unusual, and it’s getting trickier in our digital age.
Copyright law requires photo labs to be on the lookout for portraits and other professional work that should not be duplicated without a photographer’s permission. In the old days, questions about an image’s provenance could be settled with a negative. If you had it, you probably had the right to reproduce it.
Now, when images are submitted on CDs or memory cards or over the Web, photofinishers often have to guess whether a picture was truly taken by the customer – or whether it was scanned into a computer or pilfered off the Internet.
That leads to some awkward moments at photo desks when customers’ images get barred for essentially looking too good.

Like others who have been told their work was unprintable, Morgan is frustrated that photo labs lack clear standards.

They really don’t have anything etched in stone,” said Morgan, who lives in Plant City, Fla. “The person that works in the photography section of Wal-Mart could take a break, someone from the underwear department could take their place, and they could decide to print the picture.”
Wal-Mart spokeswoman Jacquie Young said her company’s photo departments have been instructed to err on the side of protecting copyrights, even if it has means conflict with an insistent customer.

In the printing labs for the Kodak EasyShare Gallery, the photo Web site formerly known as Ofoto, professionally taken pictures are placed on the walls to remind technicians of such images’ telltale signs, such as school photos and stylish backdrops in posed pictures of children.

“The majority of them are easy to spot,” said David Rich, vice president of marketing. “We’re doing our job as a good corporate citizen to protect the rights of others, just like we want our brand and our copyright to be protected.”

There’s also a more tangible concern: Professional photographers have successfully sued photofinishers for allegedly being lax about enforcing copyrights.

Steve Noble, who oversees regulatory affairs at the Photo Marketers Association, believes the situation will remain hazy unless copyright laws that were written in a different technological era are altered to reflect the possibilities of digital dissemination. Or, he said, for practical purposes, photographers should consider charging more up front for their work and then signing away future copyright.
We’ve got a law written back in the 1970s, and we’re trying to apply 2005 conditions to it,” Noble said. “When you’ve got an eight-megapixel camera out there, which is what used to be reserved for professionals, and it takes professional quality, how is the processor going to know?”

Sometimes, even approval from a professional photographer doesn’t settle the issue.
Kacie Powell takes pictures for Centre College in Danville, Ky. Several times, her Centre coworkers have been turned away when they tried to get her images printed at Wal-Mart, where employees said the shots looked “too professional.”
So Powell went in and signed an affidavit stating that she was the photographer and that it was OK for the pictures to be printed. She included portraits of the Centre employees who were authorized to print her pictures.
Still, when one of the coworkers tried to print candid photos from Centre’s graduation this year, Wal-Mart said no. The woman had to return to Centre and get another letter from Powell before Wal-Mart would make the prints.
“Apparently,” Powell said, “they need something new each time pictures are printed.”
Last fall, Bill Wolfson of Columbus, Ohio, went to Walgreen’s to order Christmas cards with a photo that he had taken in his backyard with an eight-megapixel Canon and had retouched with Photoshop. It’s a striking image: an extreme close-up of two bright red berries on a green yew shrub tinged with soft sunlight.
Walgreen’s phoned Wolfson with the “too professional” rejection. He responded that he was flattered, but insisted that he was a “serious amateur” who took the shot himself.
He pointed out that he had signed the photo in the corner so it could be used on his Christmas cards.
The photo supervisor wouldn’t budge. How did she know Wolfson was really the photographer and hadn’t forged the name on the processing order?
Not until Wolfson went into the store with his driver’s license was everything resolved.
Despite the pleasant ending, Wolfson considers the episode silly. After all, anyone with photo-editing software easily could add his name to the bottom of someone else’s photograph.
“It’s a real problem,” Wolfson said. “And I think it’s going to even get worse.”

Chairs IV

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Chairs IV submitted in ArtCone gallery by Billy
Chair waiting on visitors of summer culture evenings.

Ptuj 2003.

Chairs IV

Hey, I’m New Here.

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olishant asked this question on the artcone forums: Yup, so I’m new and I was wondering who’s nice?

P.S. I have a pic up if you wanna go ahead and comment/critique it.

Comments on Tate Modern please?

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NoName asked this question on the artcone forums: Taking my daughter there in a few weeks for the first time, she is 13 and is an amazing artist! Any advice, tips to share etc. would be grateful, thanks!

RedTribe asked this question on the artcone forums: It had pictures of a lake made of mirrors, a village with another village inside it, a carpet with fields on it from an Arial view with someone standing on it pretending to fly, and stuff like that. if anyone could find it i would be very greatful

Picasso’s Writings A Surreal Collection

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Lombi asked this question on the artcone forums: BOSTON – An English translation of Pablo Picasso’s writings has been published for the first time.

The Spanish-born painter who is one of the 20th century’s most influential artists, put down his brush and began writing in 1935, in the midst of an emotional crisis.

He continued writing until 1959. The result is a collection of poems and short prose pieces called The Burial of the Count of Orgaz and other Poems.

Poets Jerome Rothenberg and Pierre Joris, working with a dozen contemporary poets, took five years to translate the majority of this writing into English for the first time.

The original text was in both Spanish and French.

Following the counsel of poet and contemporary André Breton, Picasso wrote in a stream-of-consciousness style of the Surrealists, without punctuation.

The poetry uses powerful imagery and dream sequences, and reflects the torment of Picasso’s inner life. The painter took a break from painting in 1935 and 1936, when he was going through a divorce.

After he began painting again, he continued writing, producing three plays in addition to the 300-plus texts in Burial.

Picasso once joked that he hoped to be remembered as, “a Spanish poet who dabbled in painting.”

The writings stand on their own, critics say, but are also of interest as they reflect on Picasso’s work of the period.

Cambridge, Mass.-based Exact Change has released the English translation for the first time in North America.

ascii-matrix code

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STREET asked this question on the artcone forums: hey gang

quick question…

sorry i cant see to well cause i got hit by a corn flake – i mean i was eating them – without milk 😀 the best way 😉 and some fell on the floor so i dropped them into ventilation … vents? yea, whatever 😀 – and air condition went on when i was thowing them and my left eye was hit and it hurts !!! – no wonder i got bugs in my room 8)

…ok ok sorry
i was wondering
how can u make a …
matrix kinda picture or an ascii code – i know that there are some free, little programs but i wanna do it in photoshop
like i got original photo and i wanna convert it to 0’s and 1’s or into some letters.
do u need a pic guys r do u kinda understand it ?
it probably has to do with masks but im still a newb so i wont talk lol

thx for any help :)

have a great weekend 😀

Cell Phone

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Cell Phone submitted in ArtCone gallery by dezkate
Here I have redrawn a cell phone from a PHOTO I took of a Lobster 485 mobile phone. My main goal was to make this poor little phone look luxury, expensive and neat. I wou
Cell Phone



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